Want Qualified
Online Leads?

That will convert into profits for your business?

STOP the Internet confusion

Tired of being sold on SEO, SMO, Facebook, You Tube, traffic and all the other jargon web developers use to sell you on their product?

We will help you get clear on the action plan that will actually work for your business that you can implement yourself or we can do for you

Is ALL Social Media The Same? 

No. You want to find out where your audience hangs out the most. There’s no point being on Pinterest if your audience are all Corporate people with LinkedIn profiles.

It’s a good bet that most audiences will be on Facebook. Did you know that Facebook gives preference to live video to your Facebook Page making your reach to your audience better?

You don't have to be awesome in front of the camera, you just need to do it!

5 Steps To Capturing Your Audience Using Facebook Live:

  • ALWAYS prepare! 
  • Have a catchy video (sales) title 
  • Have 3-5 bullet points to talk about 
  • Leave the audience with a question to answer in the comments 
  • Have a call to action

Learn from us - don't wast time and every trying to do all your online marketing and web development yourself from scratch.  We will help you design a customised strategy tailored to your business and your target clients and can give you the "techy" support you need to take your business to the next level online.

How To Turn Your Website Into Profit

GONE are the days where a website is just a digital brochure.
Companies MUST develop a strategic plan for their business online presence.
By creating your web assets as a streamlined solid foundation – you can put your efforts and marketing dollars towards activities that will generate income for your business.  So what does this really mean?

Don't use everything.    You don't have to use a web site, sales funnel, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Linked In, Snap Chat, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, content link building and email marketing.  
Focus on ONLY 3 online tools for generating clients.  We will help you determine the best 3 for your business and how to strategically develop a plan so it all works together seamlessly.

Then we add automation to your strategy to help get you leads and sales on auto-pilot.  The Perfect Business Strategy!

'Turbo-Boost' Your Website?

Creating a 'High-Converting' Sales Funnel is fundamental marketing tool for EVERY business.
A well planned sales funnel can directly access your exact target market, get them super excited about your product, have them make an enquiry and then even up-sell them to buy your product/s online or book in for a sales contact call - ALL on auto-pilot.

Want to know more about how a Sales Funnel could work for your business?
BOOK IN NOW for a FREE Strategy Call so we can help you structure your Sales Funnel.
Then either you can implement it - or we can Do-It-For-You.

The ‘Secret’ To NOT Paying For Email Accounts That Your Hosting Company Won’t Tell You

Some web designers, digital agencies and hosting companies can take advantage of the unknowing and uneducated business owner. And charge for services that a business owner can easily and SHOULD have control over.

Some companies charge businesses for each email address they set up - but when it is a 2 minute job that any admin person (with instructions) can easily do…. This is definitely a task you can keep internally. PLUS when you need to add new emails, delete some or change the passwords – having control over this fundamental business tool can be critical.

For FREE INSTRUCTIONS on how to set up your email accounts.

What Others Are Saying About Us..



Zion Internet Marketing has helped us make the internet our Number 1 source of leads for our martial arts club. Helped us automate so many processes to reduce admin time, yet increase productivity. They have helped us increase our business and focus on what we do best. Definitely a major contributor to our 37% increase in turnover this year.




Zion helped us transform our business from a traditional business, to an online automated lead generation system. They helped with design, copywriting, creativity and the sales funnel. Next we are onto traffic generation and automated client support with a membership site and system in place. Thanks for your ideas and expertise… It’s been a blessing.




Zion helped us totally rebrand our site and we love it. It is much easier for our clients to get to the information they need and have helped us dramatically build our email list of prospects and sales. The implementation of the sales funnel has been fundamental to our online growth. Zion is now helping us monetise our site in various ways and create awesome value for our tribe. I highly recommend their services, they go above and beyond. They have helped us focus on doing what we love, while they get the “yukky”, but super important, “techy stuff” done with a focus on strategically growing our business.




Thank you Zion Internet Marketing team… Sheltered By Grace is a small not for profit organisation and because of your online brilliance a lot of people comment that our website makes us look extremely professional and like a much larger organisation. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Zion and grow our online giving and become authorities in the homelessness area.